Saturday, May 14, 2005

So I went clubbin tonight...

The club was called Uropa - located in Downtown Dallas. It was okay. My goal was to have fun. Meet some good lookin girls to dance with and all. In all I danced with about three chicks. The first was a drunk white chick just getting off work. She had braces on - looked like a hoe. The second was a latina chick a lil bit overweight but good-looking overall. Also a good dancer. The thrid bitch was a fat white bitch, but she could move a lil bit.

Here's the thing... I now realize that goin clubbin by yourself sucks. Why? Because it's no fun dancing with strangers - at least for me. I'd rather be out dancing with someone I know already - that way we could be dedicated dance partners and all. As opposed to me walking around a club looking for the most feasible ass to grind against. Cos that's what I do scope the dance floor looking for girls that meet my criteria. What's my criteria? Well they have to know how to move to the music, Must have a decent body and of course be willing to dance with me.

Unfortunately the scenario as described above never happens as planned.

I'm tired.... bottomline is that I'm done with the clubbin scene. I get nothing from it when I go by myself. It would be best if I had a girl to go with instead of exposing my dignity to ragedy chicks who either can't dance or aren't feeling me. I'm a very insightful engaged individual, there's no way in hell I can have a meaningful interaction with anyone while music thumping in my ears....

Ahh Whatever.... I'm sleepy

Friday, April 15, 2005


Life is like a box of chocolates. It's also like a box of spam. Or like a box of rotten fish. How about a brothel filled with women of varying shapes and sizes. Truth is life is anything you feel like comparing it to. Boxes of whatever. All non-sense.

Life is really just a random form of existence and filled with so many possibilities. The metaphor I prefer to use is that life is a random awareness filled with varying emotions caused by a complex array of variables. Or simply put, Life is like depression with sporadic moments of hapinness and neutrality.

Friday, September 24, 2004


Life's a sucks and then you die - all for what?